Letters in response to “Who’ll be first to offer disabled people a job?”

Following last Monday’s publication of the Benefit Reform Green Paper, an opinion piece by journalist Alice Miles appeared in The Times. You can read the piece by Alice Miles here:


From The Times
July 23, 2008

Who’ll be first to offer disabled people a job?

If we want to get claimants off incapacity benefit, we had better come up with some proper work for them, Alice Miles

Yesterday’s paper edition printed three letters in response to Ms Miles’ piece. You can read these responses on The Times’ site here and there is a comment facility for both the article and for Letters to The Editor:


From The Times
July 28, 2008

We must change our attitudes to the disabled

1] Disabled minorities must be allowed to find a voice, even if it is an angry one
Angeline Adams
Holywood, Co Down

2] Andy Rickell
Executive Director, Scope

3] David Perkins
National Autistic Society Prospects Employment Service


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