Two bloggers: one delighted, one deleted

The State of Me, Nasim Marie Jafry

Edinburgh writer, Nasim Marie Jafry’s debut novel The State of Me was published on 1 July by Harper Collins.

Congratulations nmj!

Nasim has been ill since 1983 and blogs about living with ME here:  

You can read about Nasim’s book here:  

or here:

and a review here:

Nasim will be signing copies of her book at Waterstones Edinburgh George Street on Wednesday, 20 August 2008 at 7:30PM


What’s in a name? Dr Simon Wessely

Dr Simon Wessely is a UK GP living with ME who shares his name with that other doctor (now Professor) Simon Wessely who isn’t living with ME but has made a very nice living out of ME.

Simon created a WordPress blog in September, last year at   

A couple of weeks ago, Simon’s blog was taken down by WordPress.

No warning, no explanation.

Simon has created another blog at:  


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