Welfare Reform Green Paper leaked on Sky News

Latest on Times online:


July 21, 2008

Ministers face rebellion as benefits reform unveiled
Incapacity Benefit will be abolished by 2013 under the plans to be unveiled today

David Byers

The Government was today braced for a wave of discontent from backbenchers after introducing radical changes to tighten the benefits system…

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Labour’s work for dole plan leaked to website

· Unemployed would carry out community tasks
· Tories claim credit for Purnell’s green paper

Patrick Wintour, political editor
The Guardian,

Saturday July 19, 2008

Government plans for a high profile launch on Monday of its tough welfare green paper, including work for dole, were destroyed yesterday when Sky News published the entire contents on its website…

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A copy of the Benefits Welfare Reform Green Paper leaked by Sky News on Friday is available as a PDF on the Sky News site [9.5MB]:

Leaked document:



Friday’s Sky News article:

3:00pm UK, Friday July 18, 2008

Niall Paterson, political correspondent

The Government plans to radically overhaul the welfare state, according to a document obtained by Sky News.


Incapacity benefits are high on agenda

The Welfare Reform Green Paper – due to be published on Monday – aims to target those groups who “have been left to drift into long-term inactivity and become detached from the labour market”.

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Document: http://www1.sky.com/news/Welfare%20Green%20Paper%20July%202008.pdf


Also today on Sky News:

Sky News: ‘Work For Dole’ Benefits Reform
7:11am UK, Monday July 21, 2008

The biggest shake-up of the welfare state for decades will be launched by the Government today – with a “work for dole” system set to be put in place…


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