Disabled ‘wrongly denied’ benefit


Disabled ‘wrongly denied’ benefit

Disability campaigners say thousands of people who are unable to work are being wrongly denied incapacity benefit.

Charities including the Disability Alliance, Mind and Citizens Advice say the government’s system of assessing claimants is not working.

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One thought on “Disabled ‘wrongly denied’ benefit

  1. I an in the process of an appeal and the place I had the medical at the bus stop was right outside. The medical was a sham basically if you are willing to force yourself through the pain barrier and even become very tired in doing so then the medical services will pass you fit for work. Pushing yourself to extremes one in a while may be ok if you can then rest but to do it every day without been able to rest afterwards could be dangerous. At the moment once a fortnight I have to sign on as available for work, now to get there I have to drive as the station is about 45 minutes walk away then a train journey, which is very uncomfortable then a two hour walk to a jobcentre plus so basically I would have to pay for food and drink plus travel if I went on the train. A car journey is about 25 minutes each way but that has to be done even if under other circumstances I would not drive. cost using car £3 approx cost using public transport about £12 depending on meals purchased (estimated)
    Should I use public transport and say fall asleep and miss the stop (£150 penalty charge) will the medical services pay this or the DWP?
    or if I have an accident will they pay my excess and maybe fines as if I had a choice I could have chosen to not have gone out?

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