RSM CFS Conference: First three webcasts plus abstracts

RSM “CFS” Conference webcasts are now available on the RSM website 

Four webcasts are currently available to view at the link above. These are:

Introduction by RSM Dean Dr Scadding

Presentation by Professor Peter Denton White

Presentation by Professor Simon Wessely

Presentation by Dr Anthony Cleare

Registration is required to view these webcasts but this does not take long to fill in and is processed immediately.

I will post the links for further webcasts as these become available on the RSM’s site.  I was told on Friday, by the RSM that it was anticipated that webcasts of all presentations would be available by the end of this week.


At the link below on the RSM site are links to extra online resources to accompany the conference: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which took place on Monday 28 April 2008.  These are PDFs of Speaker Abstracts and Biographies:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Further resources to accompany the conference

Please note all presentations open in a new browser window

Speaker Abstracts and Biographies

Download Abstracts and Biographies [PDF 86k]

Speaker Presentations

Introduction, Dr. John Scadding. Dean of the RSM
View Webcast (Registation required)

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & what is ME? [PDF 278k]
Professor Peter White, Barts & the London School ofMedicine
View Webcast

Pathophysiology [PDF 311k]
Dr Anthony Cleare, Institue of Psychiatry, London
View Webcast

Epidemiology [PDF 544k]
Professor Simon Wessely, King’s College London
View Webcast

Assessment: general practitioners’ approach [PDF 576k]
Professor Chris Dowrick, University of Liverpool 

Assessment: psychiatrist’s approach [PDF 225k]
Professor Matthew Hotopf, Institute of Psychiatry, London

M.E. – The patient perspective [PDF 6.1mb]
Sir Peter Spencer, Action for M.E.

Management: NICE Guidelines [PDF 301k]
Professor Richard Baker, Leicester University

CBT and GET [PDF 269k]
Professor Rona Moss-Morris, University of Southampton

What drugs can I use? [PDF 243k]
Dr Alastair Miller, Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Please note that copyright in the presentations on the RSM’s site belong to the authors listed. Permission must be sought for any copying or other re-use of their material.

The Royal Society of Medicine is not responsible for the content of the presentations of the listed authors.



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