Thanks to M.E. Support Norfolk

Thanks to M.E. Support – Norfolk

M.E. Support – Norfolk group mails out an A5 monthly newsletter called MEMO to its membership.

I’d like to thank John Sayer, Editor of MEMO and Chair of M.E. Support – Norfolk’s committee for the coverage given to two initiatives associated with the Royal Society of Medicine “CFS” Conference which took place, in London, on 28 April 2008.

The first four pages of the April edition of MEMO were given over to the promotion of the Royal Society of Medicine demonstration – the RSM Protest, which included an introduction by Suzy Chapman, a full copy of the position statements issued by The 25% M.E. Group and Jane Colby on behalf of The Young M.E. Sufferers Trust, and the RSM Protest notice issued by RSM Protest Organiser, Gus Ryan.

The following edition of MEMO devoted an additional four pages to the promotion of the RSM Postcard Campaign launched by Suzy Chapman in the run up to the “CFS” conference.

It was very much appreciated that M.E. Support – Norfolk committee and MEMO editorial gave over so much space in two consecutive newsletters to help promote these initiatives launched in protest against the RSM Conference and to help raise awareness of the considerable concerns surrounding this line-up and agenda for this conference and I should like to thank John Sayer and his committee for their support.

Suzy Chapman,
“On a Postcard, please” Campaign Co-ordinator

A copy of this notice also appears on Read ME UK Events


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