Justice for Families May 2008 Report

From John Hemming MP

Justice for Families May Report

New clauses tabled

Two new clauses standing in the names of John Hemming, Nick Winterton, Martin Horwood, Dai Davies and Richard Taylor (clause 1 only) have been tabled to the Children and Young People Bill. Now is the time to lobby MPs and in particular members of the Bill Committee in support of these clauses.

Details are on John Hemming’s Weblog


This is very important as it can lead directly to a change in the law. I am emphasising the first one as it should not be at all contentious. The second one allows public scrutiny of the reasoning without identifying the people concerned. Getting MPs to support these is far far more important than any number of Early Day Motions.

Please write to your MP about supporting these clauses. The members of the Bill Committee have not yet been identified.

Council of Europe Investigation

The Council of Europe investigation will now go to the Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee of PACE (the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) on 24th June at which a rapporteur will be appointed.

House of Lords case

Papers on a key case (the one involving the row with the Court of Appeal judges) have now been submitted to the House of Lords.

Ali’s Media report

Family Rough Justice UK Closed Courts

Imagine a time when you were a child and you were ill, so ill that all you wanted was to be close to your mum and safe and warm in your own bed. Imagine as an adult, a time when you were ill with the flu or tummy bug or just so tired that you can’t wait to get home to the warmth and comfort of your own bed and home. Now imagine a child becoming ill and being rushed to hospital, only to find out he has leukaemia. How frightened he must be, how much he must want to go home and be in his own bed with his mummy and family who love him and will make him feel safe and loved. Now imagine a world where a child this ill is kept prisoner from his family and the mother being told she will never take her son home. Not because he is too ill but because she is being accused of neglect because her son has leukaemia. What backward behaved country would think in this manner? Imagine as a parent all you want to do is hold your sick child and through all your pain give your child as much love and happiness in the unknown time you have left. Imagine your own child being taken at a time like this or anytime for that matter. Imagine the pain, imagine the pain, imagine the pain. Now stop imagining because this is exactly the reality for one young boy and his mother. This is not happening in some small poor country out the back of no where. This cruel injustice is happening now in the UK secret family courts.


She died of broken heart! The comments are astounding and so is the video.


John Hemming criticised by Family Law Judges


The debate about the use of experts is one where the senior judiciary, unsurprisingly, do not accept the criticism that the system does not lead to fair trials.

Children should not have been removed from a polygamist sect’s ranch because officials failed to prove they were in “imminent danger,” an appeals court has ruled. The decision in one of the biggest child-custody cases in U.S. history was a humiliating defeat for the state Child Protective Services agency.


Judge attacks social workers who took ‘abused’ girl, ten, away from parents for no reason


How social workers took away our children for 11 months without a shred of evidence


More than 400 foreign children, many suspected of being trafficked into the sex or drug trade in Britain, have gone missing from local authority care.


Leading politicians from the three main parties are putting pressure on the home secretary, Jacqui Smith, to halt the disappearance from care of hundreds of suspected victims of child trafficking.


A BABYSITTER jailed for murdering a toddler has won her battle for a retrial.


A babysitter sentenced to life for the murder of her neighbour’s two-year-old son was released from prison yesterday after the Court of Appeal declared her conviction unsafe and ordered a retrial.


About 500 critically ill children and babies have been turned away from London hospitals because of a shortage of intensive care beds.


Senior judges have attacked the “disgraceful” conduct of East Sussex social services over the adoption of a child against the wishes of her father. But they still did not grant both father and baby their human right to be together.


Two senior judges have strongly criticised a local authority that forced through the adoption of a baby girl against the wishes of her father.

Lord Justice Thorpe accused East Sussex County Council of being determined to have the child adopted “by means more foul than fair”, while Lord Justice Wall accused it of “disgraceful” conduct.


Abuses of Power by Child Protection! Linked to the above two stories.


Thousands of middle managers in local councils are being authorised to spy on people suspected of petty offences using powers designed to prevent crime and terrorism. Even junior council officials are being allowed to initiate surveillance operations in what privacy campaigners likened to Eastern bloc police tactics.


A massive government database holding details of every phone call, e-mail and time spent on the internet by the public is being planned as part of the fight against crime and terrorism. Internet service providers (ISPs) and telecoms companies would hand over the records to the Home Office under plans put forward by officials.


The UK’s data protection watchdog has demanded to know why children’s medical details were left at an abandoned hospital in Dundee.


Confidential health records of more than 38,000 patients have gone missing after a computer back-up tape was lost by a courier firm, an NHS trust said.


Dozens of fragments of human bone found in the cellar of a former Jersey children’s home are believed to be the remains of children who were murdered, dismembered and then cremated in a fireplace, the detective leading the investigation into child abuse said yesterday.


Volunteers with no experience of social work are successfully being used in a groundbreaking scheme to help the families of children on the at-risk register.


The controversial paediatrician Prof David Southall, found guilty of serious professional misconduct last year, today faced a new investigation by the doctors’ regulatory body.


The General Medical Council has won a delay in a new investigation into the work of paediatrician David Southall to allow it to assess further evidence.


The father of the Malawian boy adopted by Madonna has accused the pop star of severing contact between him and his son and says he regrets ever putting the child up for adoption.


The father of Madonna’s adopted son David may challenge the decision by the High Court in Malawi to grant permanent custody to the pop star.


England and Wales High Court (Family Division) Decisions


Informative youtubes

CAS Corruption

Please, help us! The norwegian “barnevernet” (CPS) are steeling our children, and the government want to make new lawes to forbid us from using the internett to tell other people about how the barnevernet are terrorising our children and the parents. (from video comments)


Children’s Aid Society Oversight


Children’s Aid Society- Ex CAS worker speaks


Genuis ,,Yes the sad thing is their not kidding. Here in Ham, On the Midwives Association, spoke with me, their very disturbed so much so its effecting their emotional well being .their ready to tell the truth ,,that for no reason the mothers in their care whom prefer natural and homopathic organic foods during their pregnancy the Gestopo CAS is actually awaiting outside the door hands open upon birth TY nice little catch no drugs no foreign substance and off they go with the babies (from video comments)



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