NICE CFS/ME Judicial review of NICE Guideline to go ahead

Judicial review of NICE Guideline to go ahead

Monday, 16 June 2008

STOP PRESS – Mr Justice Cranston ruled in the High Court this afternoon that the application for a judicial review of the NICE clinical guideline into ME/CFS should go forward. The full review, which is expected to last two days, will take place sometime in the autumn. The ME Association will post a report into today’s exploratory hearing tomorrow morning.


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Please note:

CO/10408/2007 is a separate case from the One Click Judicial Review of the CFS/ME NICE Guidelines listed as CO/10435/2007 The Queen on the application of B v National Institute For Health And Clinical Excellence.

The Bryant (ONE CLICK) case was referred to during the application hearing for CO/10408/2007. It has yet be clarified what the implications are for the progress of case CO/10435/2007 in the light of the outcome of the application heard on 17 June for case.

For information on the Bryant case:

One Click Judicial Review, CFS/ME NICE Guidelines


ME Association summary now published – jump to:


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