UK Member Of Parliament Threatens One Click

From The ONE CLICK Group

13 June 2008

UK Member Of Parliament Threatens One Click

Bully Boy David Jones, Conservative MP For Clywd West, Implodes

Jane Bryant
The One Click Group

On Monday 9 June 2008, The One Click Group published the list of self-selected UK Members of Parliament who have denied receipt of the medical/political information that matters so much to so many of their constituents and the rest of the world. See Selected UK MPs Deny Medical/Political Information

Subsequent to this publication we received communication from Barbara Keeley, Labour MP for Worsley, who immediately sought to make amends on behalf of her constituents and rejoined us. Well done Barbara!

By contrast to Barbara Keeley’s response was the disgraceful behaviour of David Jones, Shadow Deputy Welsh Secretary and Conservative MP for Clwyd West.

Via the mechanic of a virtual barrage of emails, David Jones MP demanded a personal telephone conversation with me in my role as One Click Director.

Stating that he wished to be “helpful”, David Jones MP’s first demand was for my personal telephone number and address. Eh? WHY would David Jones MP want personal details such as these and for what purpose? If this demand is political, it is extremely questionable, even sinister. Then again, if this demand is not political in nature, does David Jones’s wife know what her husband tries to get up to on the telephone with the Electorate?

Having been rebuffed on the personal information front, Jones then demanded details of his constituents interacting with the medical/political data published by One Click. Is this idiotic MP so out of touch that he has never heard of the Data Protection Act? Upon receipt of entirely correct refusal on all counts, Jones then threatened to report One Click to the House Authorities for publishing medical/political information and placing it in the public domain. Has David Jones MP completely lost the plot?

Jones’s behaviour is particularly interesting bearing in mind that his career as a Conservative MP and Shadow Deputy Welsh Secretary will be hanging by a thread come the next General Election. His constituency of Clywd West is the Labour Party’s No. 2 target.

For Jones to refuse to receive the One Click medical/political information that matters so much to the Electorate and the greater world at large is one thing and his own shoddy political business. For him to bluster, bully and threaten in this way that demeans his office paid for by the Electorate and that casts him in such a poor light, quite another.

Through his behaviour, David Jones, Conservative MP for Clywd West and Shadow Deputy Welsh Secretary, has ensured his position on the One Click political radar and that of many others for the rest of his sorry political life.

We see before us today the refusal of Members of Parliament to engage in the vaccines-autism link proven in the United States and being debated coast to coast in that country. See Journalist David Kirby On Vaccines-Autism Debate In Britain.

By stark contrast in Britain, we get jumped up political apparatchiks attempting to threaten free speech. If this is in any way resembles the potential shape of a Conservative government to come for Britain, God help us all, especially the Welsh currently lumbered with David Jones MP.

David Jones MP is available at:

Bully boys in a democracy do not rule OK, in the UK or anywhere else.

Jane Bryant
The One Click Group



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