A date for the next APPG on ME meeting

The following may be reposted as long as the source is acknowledged

I have received further information, this evening, from Tony Britton, ME Association and secretariat to the APPG on ME.

Mr Britton advises that the date for the next APPG has been agreed for

Wednesday, July 2, 1-3pm

Committee Room 19, House of Commons

(This booking is subject to the usual caveats for parliamentary committee rooms and may be subject to change at short notice.)

It is anticipated by Mr Britton that the Group’s AGM will also be held during the meeting.

I am advised that a presentation on Child Protection issues is planned by Mary Jane Willows (AYME) and Jane Colby (The Young ME Sufferers Trust).

The minister with responsibility for these issues, Kevin Brennan MP (Ed Balls’ department) has been invited, but if Mr Brennen is unable to attend then it is expected that the presentation will go ahead as planned and that Mr Brennen may be invited to attend on a future occasion.

I am advised that there a number of other issues to be placed either on the agenda or under “Any other business”.

Mr Britton says that he will be liaising with Heather Walker of AfME on Friday, 6 June about posting an announcement and the Minutes of the 22 January meeting on websites.  It is Mr Britton’s intention to issue these and circulate them by late Friday, 6 June.

Invitations are to be circulated to MPs/Peers on Monday and Tuesday, next week.

The ME Association intends to circulate the Agenda for the meeting booked for Wednesday 2 July, in a week or so, and put the Agenda up on websites.


Note: A copy of the Minutes of the 22 January meeting and the Agenda will be posted on this site as soon as they are available.  All enquiries relating to this forthcoming APPG meeting or regarding the APPG, in general, should be addressed to AfME or the ME Association who jointly provide the secretariat to the Group, or to the APPG Chair or Group Secretary.

Suzy Chapman, ME agenda
5 June 2008



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