MEA: House of Lords Oral Questions to Lord Darzi on ME/CFS

From the ME Association

Representatives from BRAME (Christine and Tanya Harrison) and The ME Association (Dr Charles Shepherd) were present ‘Below the Bar’ in the House of Lords on Monday 2 June to listen to a series of questions to Health Minister, Lord Darzi, on the subject of ME/CFS.

There was a very good attendance, including some well known parliamentarians, from all sides of the House of Lords.

Thanks to the Countess of Mar for initiating this mini debate and extracting from Lord Darzi a very clear statement about the government’s position on the classification of ME/CFS, and to Baroness Howe for raising the issue of why the Royal College of General Practitioners are classifying CFS as a mental health disorder. The reply from Lord Darzi – ‘I will encourage the Royal College of General Practitioners to look at the WHO classification, which, as I said earlier, is that it is a neurological rather than mental condition’ – is very encouraging. For exchange of correspondence between MEA and RCGP on this issue see:

A full transcript of the House of Lords Questions and Answers follows.

Read transcript here on ME agenda

Information posted by The ME Association




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