Observations on the RSM protest: Joan Crawford

A copy of the leaflet handed out by Joan and her husband can be downloaded by clicking on this link

RSM Conference leaflet

The leaflet was printed off on both sides of an A4 sheet, folded to A5 – hence the pagination layout which should be read in the order:

Page 4 Page 1

Page 2 Page 3

Observations on the RSM protest

by Joan Crawford

My husband (Dewi) and I handed out leaflets to as many people as possible entering the RSM conference between 9 and 10am. We handed out more than 120 and we know they were read…

When we arrived at Wimpole Street about 8.30am we had a coffee across from the 1 Wimpole Street entrance and as were getting ourselves organised but who should walk into the cafe for coffee – the one and only [Professor] Simon Wessely – and he looked VERY SHAKY and WARY – He looked like a man on the run…………………….. He then went into the RSM at 8.55am at the Wimpole Street entrance.

The RSM sent out 3 people to speak with my husband and I in the morning. All of them being polite and reasonable – of course they had nothing to be unreasonable about. We said nothing much other than handed them our leaflets. They came back out later on to ask for a two more leaflets – wonder what they did with these!

Two doctors came out after reading our leaflet and commented on not knowing about the biomedical evidence and wasn’t it good that this was now available for doctors to help their patients. Another medic was called away and asked me if I’d like to take his place at the conference. Unfortunately, I was not free to take up his offer. I saw other doctors leaving the RSM with our leaflet still in their hands – so it was not being binned…….. hurrah.

At the same time as the CFS conference there was a press association conference and we chatted to a few of them about what were doing.

Also, my husband spoke to a guy from the press who had been inside to speak to the RSM over breakfast. His daughter has ME. We didn’t get his name, unfortunately.

Curiously, the RSM had shut the doors on Henrietta Place, which actually made it easier for my husband and I to leaflet one door, rather than two. They had also closed 3 of the 4 glass doors at the 1 Wimpole Street entrance. It was clearly not normal practice as the admin workers kept nearly walking into the locked doors in the middle….. There were 2 security guards opening and closing the one open door and vetting folks as they came it…….. What exactly were they expecting? Petrol bombs?

Anyway, we returned later on in the afternoon to lend our support to the guys and gals outside the RSM. What troopers. It was freezing cold out of the sun. The RSM were so embarrassed that they were bringing out cups of tea and coffee…

So well done to EVERYONE for getting to the RSM yesterday. It has and will make a difference to PWME.

Joan Crawford
29 April 2008


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