A message from Sophia’s mother

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A message from Sophia’s mother

Today, 9am, sees the launch of a website I have created in memory of my beautiful daughter who died of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. It deliberately coincides with a conference being held by the Royal Society of Medicine on the subject of ME/CFS to which many psychiatrists and psychologists have been invited to speak. ME is a physical illness but the problem facing most ME patients is that a psychological causation of their symptoms is part of the dogma that has been foisted on them by a very small but highly influential group of psychiatrists who have established a niche market in what is a controversial but highly debilitating illness.

In June 2003 a warrant was granted through Brighton Magistrates Court that resulted in the sectioning of my daughter, Sophia Mirza, because she would not accept psychiatric treatment for her physical condition, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

Despite our Solicitor being confident that there were no grounds for a warrant to be issued, a warrant was granted and my very ill daughter was sectioned against her will until a Tribunal sanctioned her release almost two weeks later.

My daughter never recovered from the shock of this incarceration and died in November 2005. The coroner’s verdict recorded that she died of CFS/ME.

Six doctors and a social worker were among the people who were involved in Sophia’s case.

I have tried, without success, to gain justice from the GMC and Social Services over the dreadful treatment my daughter received, but to no avail.

I have written to two Attorney Generals, numerous MPs and solicitors – again with no result. It seems that ordinary people like me and my daughter can be treated in the most appalling way and no-one is accountable.

I have therefore decided to publish all letters and communications appertaining to my daughter’s ordeal at the hands of the authorities, in an effort to ensure that this should never happen again to someone suffering from ME.

I hope that the doctors and social workers involved in my daughter’s care will now reflect on what they did and learn from their mistakes and intransigence. I hope that other professionals will also learn lessons from what I have published and that no other person with ME will be treated so callously.

For more information see  www.sophiaandme.org.uk

Criona Wilson

28th April 2008


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