Final call for the RSM Protest

From RSM Protest organiser, Gus Ryan

When is it?

Monday 28th April 2008 – 1pm to 6pm

Where is it?

On the corner of Wimpole Street and Henrietta Street in London:


The members entrance is in Henrietta Street.
The public entrance is in Wimpole Street.

What’s happening?

Two letters will be presented to the RSM – one on behalf of the RSM CFS conference protestors and one from Sheila Barry – possibly soon after 1pm. The RSM have agreed to accept the letters.

I will be bringing a video camera to record people’s stories for broadcast on YouTube. I have reason to believe that at least another two people will be attending with video cameras – one of them hoping to record footage for a documentary about problems people with M.E. have with getting the illness recognised as a physiological condition.

People have emailed me saying that they will be bringing placards and handouts.

If at all possible, could you please bring a photo (if you’re a carer) and a camera. Placards and handouts would be very much appreciated as long as they are about the mental health bias in M.E. treatment.

At the risk of stating the obvious, it would help if the banners/placards were easy enough for the uninitiate members of the public to understand the issue.

Banners/placards and handouts would also have to be inoffensive. My contact at the Met police told me that offensive material would not be welcome so even though you may intensely dislike the proceedings in the RSM and especially dislike the participants (!), you’d do us all a favour by not getting us into trouble.

Why should I attend?

Is a reminder necessary?

Merely in the last few weeks, a psychiatrically-biased conference has been planned about something that has been classed as a neurological disorder for nearly four decades. It has then been defended by the Chief Executive of the RSM.

Again, this is after nearly four decades.
Do you find that acceptable?

As a PWME, how do you see your immediate future?

There is a danger that people might assume that they don’t have to attend the protest because somebody else will.

There are no guarantees that people will attend the protest.

Please don’t take that risk.

A very public demonstration of opposition is surely a more effective and eye-catching method than many others.

RSM protest basics:

YouTube video
enquiries: Email Protest Organiser Gus Ryan


The Read ME UK Events site, the “On a Postcard, Please” Campaign and the “Squeeze” graphic are initiatives independent of the RSM Protest on the afternoon of Monday, 28 April.

Enquiries from demo attendees and media to organiser Gus Ryan


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