Dr John Scadding, Dean RSM and The James Lind Alliance

Dr John Scadding, Dean RSM and The James Lind Alliance

In the commentary published recently by Margaret Williams:

Concerns about the RSM Conference on 28th April 2008 on “CFS”
Margaret Williams, 24th April 2008

Ms Williams writes:

“A copy of the letter [from The Scottish Government’s Healthcare Policy and Strategy Directorate Healthcare Planning Division (reference 2008/0010027OR) signed by Fiona McGrath of the Long Term Conditions Unit] has been sent to the Dean of the RSM asking him to explain this discrepancy, but so far there has been no acknowledgement or response.”

“This is all the more pertinent in that it was the same Dr John Scadding who on 17th September 2007 attended a conference in London entitled “Should patients Tell Researchers What To Do? If so, How?” that was arranged by the James Lind Alliance in conjunction with the Association of Medical Research Charities; the meeting had as its main topic the importance of expert patient input into medical research and how this can best be achieved. It was Dr Scadding who chaired the afternoon Working Group session to establish an effective way of implementing patients’ input.”

Some further information on Dr Scadding’s relationship with The James Lind Alliance:


The James Lind Alliance is “A coalition of organisations representing patients and clinicians collaborating to confront important uncertainties about the effects of treatments”, convened in 2004.

“The James Lind Alliance has been established to foster discussion among patients and clinicians (doctors, nurses, therapists, and others who treat patients) about these variations in practice, and to identify which uncertainties about the effects of treatments are sufficiently important that they should be addressed in clinical trials. The Alliance is being co-convened initially by INVOLVE (formerly Consumers in NHS Research), the Royal Society of Medicine, and The James Lind Library.”


Nick Partridge, Chair, INVOLVE (Consumers in NHS Research) www.invo.org.uk

The Royal Society of Medicine
John Scadding, Associate Dean, Royal Society of Medicine www.rsm.ac.uk 

The James Lind Library
Iain Chalmers, Editor, James Lind Library www.jameslindlibrary.org 

8 April 2004

For more information about The James Lind Alliance see:



Below, is a list of the members of the


Please note that:

1] Dr John Scadding, Dean of the RSM, is a Member of the James Lind Alliance Strategy and Development Group, 2008.

See the May 2007, Society Guardian article “Turning the tables” by Sophie Petit-Zeman, “Dr John Scadding, RSM dean, [who] had recently been involved in founding the James Lind Alliance (JLA), an initiative that enables patients and clinicians to work together to agree which uncertainties about treatment matter most and therefore should be research priorities.”

Dr Scadding chaired the Planning Committee for the RSM’s “CFS” Conference.  The Planning Committee comprised Dr John Scadding (Chair), Miss Bina Arpino (RSM Admin), Professor Peter White, Professor Simon Wessley, Professor Kam Bhui and Professor Matthew Hotopf.*

*RSM CFS Conference Programme:

According to a 2007 RSM Press release, Dr Scadding is a Consultant neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Neurology. He was the RSM’s Associate Dean from 2002 and became Dean of the Society in October 2006.

There are at least three separate accounts on the internet by ME patients who have reported very negative experiences as in-patients and out-patients of the National Hospital, London.

2] Dr Sophie Petit-Zeman, Director of Public Dialogue, Association of Medical Research Charities is a Member of the James Lind Alliance Strategy and Development Group, 2008.

According to her Guardian Profile, “Sophie Petit-Zeman is a writer and journalist specialising in health, science and social care. Dr Sophie Petit-Zeman migrated from neuroscience and mental health research to communications and journalism. An award-winning writer, she has worked for all the UK broadsheets, a host of specialist journals, for the NHS, private and voluntary sectors in the UK and abroad.”

3] Professor Stephen Holgate, Professor of clinical pharmacology at Southampton University is a Member of the James Lind Alliance Strategy and Development Group, 2008.

Professor Holgate has recently been named chair of “a new multi-disciplinary panel set up by the Medical Research Council which is to focus on the subtypes and aetiology of ME/CFS as part of a plan to fertilise cross-disciplinary research activity in this field.”

According to a recent CFSR Foundation newsletter, Professor Holgate has taken a keen interest in ME/CFS and is a member of the research committee advising Dr Kerr and his team. He has also co authored several papers published on gene research studies.

4] Sally Crowe Director, Director, Crowe Associates is a Member of the James Lind Alliance Strategy and Development Group, 2008.

According to the 2007, Sophie Petit-Zeman Guardian article, Ms Crowe chairs the James Lind Alliance strategy and development group.

Ms Crowe is project consultant to the PRIME (Partnership for ME Research) Project and a member of the PRIME Steering Group.

Dr Derek Pheby, National ME Observatory Project Co-ordinator and AfME have refused requests to identify those who comprise the ME Observatory Steering Group and the Management Group or who are otherwise involved in the Project, together with the organisations they represent (where appropriate), and their functions within the Project Group or within the Project as a whole; neither Dr Pheby nor AfME has been willing to confirm by what process seats within the Steering and Management Groups were allocated.

PRIME has confirmed to me that both Sally Crowe, PRIME, and Douglas Badenoch, Project Manager, Minervation Ltd, hold seats on the ME Observatory Steering Group. Kirsty Haywood, the researcher who led the PRIME review of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures was also allocated a seat on the ME Observatory Steering Group.




Miss Lizzie Amis Project Manager, Patient and Public Involvement Programme, NICE

Dr Brian Buckley Primary Care Researcher, Cochrane Fellow and Chairman of Incontact (Action on Incontinence)

Sir Iain Chalmers Editor, James Lind Library

Mrs Sally Crowe Director, Crowe Associates

Prof Glyn Elwyn Chair, Primary Care, Cardiff University

Mr Lester Firkins Business consultant, Medical Research Council

Ms Jenny Hirst Trustee, Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust

Prof Stephen Holgate Physician, Southampton General Hospital

Dr Susan Kerrison Assistant Director Research and Development University College London Hospitals Trust

Dr Sandy Oliver Editor, Cochrane Consumers & Communication Review Group

Mr Nick Partridge Chair, INVOLVE

Dr Sophie Petit-Zeman, Director of Public Dialogue, Association of Medical Research Charities

Dr John Scadding Dean, Royal Society of Medicine

Dr Peter Sneddon Head of Research Programmes, Department of Health

Dr David Tovey Editor, Clinical Evidence, BMJ

Mrs Jenny Versnel Executive Director of Research and Policy, Asthma UK

Dr Chris Watkins Board Programme Manager, Medical Research Council

Roger Wilson Associate Director PPI, UKCRN; Consumer Member, NCRI Sarcoma CSG; Chair, Prevention Research Advisory Board, NPRI.

Ms Philippa Yeeles Programme Manager, UK Clinical Research Collaboration

Ms Pamela Young Senior Programme Manager, National Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment

Secretariat support
Ms Patricia Atkinson
Administrator, James Lind Alliance Secretariat



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