RiME: Referendum: Latest

RiME Campaigning for Research into ME (RiME)

RiME Referendum: Latest

The above has been prepared and is ready to go to all 646 MPs. The top part of the page presents a few facts about ME and the current state of biomedical research in the UK. Then lower down the page, MPs are invited to declare whether or not they think the British Government should be funding research into the underlying physical causes and disease process of ME.

In order to save on postage, the letters were going to be hand delivered to the House of Commons. However, shortly before Easter I learned that there would be a handling charge of 24p on each letter – meaning a total cost of around £160.

Having reflected on the matter, I have decided I will probably post the letters and, accordingly, put out a stamp appeal. I feel the best way of doing this is to ask people to pledge x number of 2nd Class stamps via email. If the greater number of stamps are pledged, I will then ask for the stamps in, and the project will proceed.

Please help.

Best Wishes, Paul

10 Carters Hill Close, Mottingham, London, SE9 4RS


NB I have considered doing this over the internet but decided against (1) I think one is likely to get a better response doing it through the post (2) I don’t think it would mean any less work; it would involve keying in (and then deleting) 646 email addresses; I don’t have a secretary to help.


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