Postcard to Dean, RSM: Dr John Greensmith

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Dr John Greensmith, ME Free For All writes to the Dean, Royal Society of Medicine

May I suggest that as many people as can manage send a letter or/and a postcard to support Suzy Chapman’s “On a postcard, please” campaign to Dr John Scadding, who is the Dean of the Royal Society of Medicine at 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE with their concerns about the forthcoming conference on 28 April 2008. Or you can e-mail him at john.scadding at

Please do not be deterred from writing with your particular concern even if you know it has already been voiced by someone else. To do so would be to underestimate the true strength of feeling there is about this conference.

And this conference may be in London, UK but M.E. isn’t restricted to this City or Country. It is, therefore, quite reasonable for M.E. sufferers from all over the world to have a say about this and I hope they will want to.



11 April 08

Dear Dr Scadding,

You must, no doubt, by now, be aware of the extent of the concern there is in the M.E. Community about the forthcoming RSM Conference, “Chronic fatigue syndrome”, scheduled for 28 April 2008 because of the bias towards M.E. as a psychiatric illness, favoured by the overwhelming majority of speakers.

There are also whisperings of censorship and secrecy surrounding some of the delegates.

Can you assure us that, if not a DVD of the whole proceedings, transcripts will be available to anyone who requests them and, if there is any cost at all, it will be affordable by people with M.E. in receipt of disability benefits.

Yours sincerely
Dr John H Greensmith
ME Free For ALL


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