Further statement from Action for ME on RSM CFS Conference

Today, AfME (Action for ME) has issued a further statement on the RSM CFS Conference

Action for ME statement on RSM conference

Action for M.E. has been criticised by some individuals and groups because Sir Peter Spencer will speak about ‘M.E., the patient perspective’ at the Royal Society of Medicine Conference on CFS in London on 28 April.

Action for M.E. defends its right to present the findings of its membership surveys and other campaign activity, including its campaign for more biomedical research, at any forum of healthcare professionals, researchers, decision-makers, service providers or other groups which affect the lives of people with M.E.

The charity believes it is better to have balanced debate than for different factions to exist in parallel worlds, where they do not engage in dialogue or work together to increase our understanding of M.E.

Contrary to what has been alleged, Action for M.E. is firmly committed to campaigning for more biomedical research into M.E. It held a highly successful research summit in late 2006 which generated a large number of proposals for research pilot programmes. Action for M.E. will soon be announcing which of these it has selected for funding. It has promoted other conferences, such as the ME Research UK conference and the Invest in M.E. conference, in its magazine and recently attended the impressive collaborative research workshop chaired by Professor Stephen Holgate in Southampton.

Sir Peter Spencer has said about the RSM conference:

“On this occasion I will have a great opportunity to set out the serious concerns that we and our members have about the way in which inappropriate use of evidence-based principles have produced very dubious outcomes when only a very tiny amount of so-called gold standard data is available from randomised controlled trials.”

Action for M.E. will report the proceedings of the conference to its members.


14 March 2008


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