Royal Society of Medicine demonstration: 28.04.08

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Royal Society of Medicine Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Conference demo

From Gus Ryan


After notifying the Met Police, we have been given the go ahead for a demonstration outside the Royal Society of Medicine on Monday 28th April 2008.  This will coincide with a meeting about “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. The meeting will be heavily attended by prominent people in the field of mental health.

The demonstration will be static and will take place at the two entrances to the RSM, Wimpole Street and Henrietta Street between 1pm and 6pm.   Location

A presentation, yet to be decided on, may take place at some point during the day and banners/placards will be allowed. Flyers/handouts will also be allowed.

I have promised my liaison officer at the Met that we will be on our best behaviour and I trust that the day will pass peacefully.

As organiser, I am in the process of appointing two stewards – one for each entrance – and will be overseeing the events for the day.

Any enquiries can be directed to my email address

Launch video by GBCOne


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