The UK Charity Action for ME Exposed – Again!


04 March 2008

It has been brought to The One Click Group’s attention by ME/CFS labelled patients that the charity Action for ME (AfME) has recently been conducting a fund raising drive entitled The Ultimate Pillow Fight with events due to be held to increase its income levels right around the United Kingdom.

Recently involved with AfME in this fund raising drive have been corporate stockbroker Panmure Gordon and PR company Pelham Public Relations .

It is without doubt the case that AfME has purposefully not sought to inform potential donors as to this charity’s actual status with ME/CFS labelled patients whilst requesting these firms to part with their money.

The facts are that AfME is entirely detested for its duplicitous policies by countless thousands of ME/CFS patients right around Britain.

Because of this, AfME has refrained from holding an Annual General Meeting (AGM) that has involved its members / subscribers for the last twelve years, since 1996. As a result, the strategic direction and policies of this charity have not been agreed by its members/subscribers who have been entirely disenfranchised by the AfME Board of Trustees.

A copy of The AfME Dossier has been sent to the Directors of both Panmure Gordon and Pelham PR. It is most unfortunate for the good reputation of the firm’s concerned that AfME has, in its usual fashion, failed to alert potential donors that this charity has had more complaints in regard to its activities laid at the door of the Charity Commission for England and Wales than any other operating in this field. It is in the best interests of all organisations involved in AfME’s fund raising drive to be made aware that all is not what it seems and that association with this charity may well have a seriously negative impact upon their reputations.

All questions posed to this charity have remained unanswered for twelve years.

Many frightened and very sick people are deeply dismayed by AfME’s activities. AfME corporate sponsors should be made entirely cognisant of this and on behalf of patients, One Click has fulfilled their request.

The One Click Group

This information is available on THE ONE CLICK GROUP website


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