ONE CLICK CFS/ME NICE Judicial Review: Campaign Update 3

One Click Judicial Review – The CFS/ME NICE Guidelines: Campaign Update 3

As previously announced by One Click, we have now reached the target of £10,250 set us by the Legal Services Commission (LSC ) to attempt to challenge the CFS/ME NICE Guidelines in the High Court by Judicial Review. One Click would like to thank everybody from around the world who contributed.

Please see Very Simply We Did It

Please send no more donations to the fund.

We are expecting a decision from the LSC any day. The LSC is all too well aware of the urgency of this case and the fact  that we have live proceedings afoot. We would like to thank the LSC for all the assistance provided with this case to date.

The One Click Group

30 January 2008


What It Is: Judicial Review ( )
CFS/ME NICE Guidelines ( )
Who Will Conduct It: Saunders Solicitors LLP
( )
Counsel Kate Marcus from Doughty Street Chambers
( )
Why It’s Necessary: One Click Legal Appeal
( )

The CFS/ME NICE Guidelines have been produced by a process of documented ( unethical political and medical manipulation of due process.

This information is available on THE ONE CLICK GROUP website


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