ONE CLICK NICE Judicial Review update, 14 January

Pledge Honour
As at 17.27 UK local time
Monday 14 January 2008
£8,233.90 of pledges have been honoured by you
to Saunders Solicitors LLP to help fight this historic legal case
Thank you and please keep it coming!


What It Is: Judicial ReviewCFS/ME NICE Guidelines
Who Will Conduct It: Saunders Solicitors LLP ( )
and Counsel Kate Marcus from Doughty Street Chambers ( )
* The CFS/ME NICE Guidelines have been produced by a process of documented unethical political and medical manipulation of due process.

* Help us to challenge the atrocious actions of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the psychiatric lobby through the High Court.

* For those who have not yet decided to pledge their commitment, please click on this live link to learn how to do so.

* For those who have already pledged and are now ready to honour their commitment, click on How To Honour Your Pledge

We look forward to receiving your tangible support for this legal campaign.


Pledge Redemption 2 – One Click NICE Judicial Review
One Click Group Director, Jane Bryant writes:

Dear All

I write to you today with the tears streaming down my face and I make no apology for displaying such emotion. This legal campaign to challenge the appalling CFS/ME NICE Guidelines through the High Court has been such a rollercoaster.

As at 17.27 pm UK local time, Saunders Solicitors LLP have confirmed to One Click that £8,233.90 of pledges have been honoured by you to help fight this historic legal case.

It’s not the money that’s making me cry, although with this court case we would be nowhere without it. It’s what you have done to support this initiative. It’s what this means.

This means that between us all from around the world, we have crafted a dedicated international FORCE to be reckoned with. A force of patients, their carers, families, friends, support organisations, academics and doctors that have stood up, said THAT’S ENOUGH and pledged to try to stop this ME/CFS label injustice that has wrecked so many lives, some of them the lives of children under the age of five years old. With this alltogether international force that we have built, this is just the nascent beginning. If we can achieve this from all around the world together, just think how we are beneficially placed for the future.

I would now like to turn, please, to deal with the practicalities and to answer a few of your questions. The wonderful thing about this campaign is that it is interactive. One Click puts out the information and you write back, telling us what works, what doesn’t and how we can improve.

Update – How to Honour Your Pledge

Pledgers have written to us, particularly those based in the USA, and advised that due to the different time zones, honouring your pledge by telephone to Saunders Solicitors LLP based in London UK can be difficult. Please see the updated information in the How to Honour Your Pledge document that provides even further ease of pledge redemption for you, from whatever country you are located in around the world.


Some of you have written and asked about a receipt for your pledge. It is not normal Saunders company policy to issue receipts, but if you require one, the firm will oblige. If you require a receipt, please email  and in the subject line of the email place the words Receipt Please; in the body of the copy, provide details of your address. A receipt will be sent out to you thereafter.

Internet Banking

Some have written and asked, when I honour my pledge by internet banking, how will Saunders know that I’ve done so and that my pledge has found its true home? The answer is that we have received many pledges from internet banking. When the transaction reports are printed, the words ‘One Click’ appear before the names of those who have pledged.


Others have written and asked if One Click is a charity and if their pledge will be tax deductible? The answer is no. One Click is a pressure group, not a charity and it will never in my lifetime become such. Now is neither the time nor the place to enter into detail, but suffice it to say that the fury of many UK pledgers over the stance of the major UK ME/CFS charities over this legal campaign has been absolutely noted by us and completely recorded. These charities have become entirely irrelevant.

Please do not think for one moment that One Click is damning all charities – far from it. Some of the smaller UK ME/CFS charities have been so great that every communication from them brings even more tears to my eyes. Some of the UK Local ME Groups have been equally wonderful. And as for all the organisations around the world that have gotten tangibly behind this legal campaign, what else can we say but thank you?


I realised just how powerful what we are doing had become when I received an email to tell me that funds had been raised by an entire church congregation to further the One Click Judicial Review of the NICE Guidelines. When I wrote that the angels are looking down upon us with this case, I viscerally felt it and it is so.

If you have not yet honoured your pledge, please do so now to reach our target of £10,250. We only have some £2,000 left to find. The way this is going, you will be able to tell your children and your grandchildren, “I was part of this historic legal campaign!” If you want your name privately recorded for this, please do it now. Never before anywhere in the world has anything like this been done before. I honour you my friends and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Jane Bryant
The One Click Group

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