More details on honouring ONE CLICK JR pledges for non UK residents

From The ONE CLICK Group

Ease of Pledge Redemption news is coming in to One Click from non UK residents.

It has been brought to our attention, particularly for US residents, that the respective time zones for people to redeem their pledges by Credit Card to Saunders Solicitors LLP by telephone are not entirely favourable.

We have therefore taken your valuable comments into account and updated the How To Honour Your Pledge document
( ) with the following information:

“An alternative option to telephoning in your credit card payment is that you print out the Credit Card Payment Form ( ), complete it with your card details and then either scan and email it back to Saunders at , or fax it to +44 (0) 20 7600 3127 if you have access to this facility, or post it to the address below.
The Saunders accounts department will then be able to process your pledge.

Saunders Solicitors LLP
10 Aldersgate Street
London EC1A 4HJ
United Kingdom”

Much as we would like to be able to, Saunders do not do PayPal.  Solicitors generally do not accept payment through this type of mechanic and on One Click we are most correctly politically allergic to handling other people’s money in this way by setting up a PayPal account of our own at this time.

You have many choices provided for you to redeem your pledge.  Please choose the one that best suits you. As the pledge feedback that you are so kindly providing for us comes in, we will update the How To Honour Your Pledge document ( ) as necessary.

Many thanks.

The One Click Group


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