Daily Mail: The wake-you-up pill (thyroid, Dr Gordon Skinner GMC case)

An interesting piece on the GMC “Dr Gordon Skinner case” and treating for thryoid deficiency when test results report “normal” levels under current UK guidelines, by Jerome Burne for the Daily Mail.

The wake-you-up pill …how a controversial thyroid supplement could help tiredness


The first sign of a problem was excessive tiredness.

“I started needing a short nap in the afternoon; but eventually I was sleeping for four hours during the day,” says project manager Ina Whitlam.

“It wasn’t refreshing sleep, it was horrible and restless. But I couldn’t function without it.”

Her condition gradually worsened, so eventually she was having to sleep most of the day.

The otherwise fit and healthy 63-year-old had to give up her job with Age Concern, but even then she couldn’t throw off the feelings of chronic exhaustion…

Read full article here  


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