7 January 2008


After many weeks of negotiation, it gives The One Click Group enormous pleasure today to announce that the UK Legal Services Commission (Legal Aid) has written to our lawyers, Saunders Solicitors LLP with a without prejudice offer for the funding of The One Click Judicial Review of the CFS/ME NICE Guidelines.

Instead of us having to find the £20,000 that was our original target set for the legal fees, we will now need to find only £10,250 with the Legal Services Commission (LSC) proposing to fund the remainder.

With this tremendous good news formally received, we are now in the position to ask you all to honour your pledges from around the world with our new target of £10,250, much reduced thanks to the Legal Services Commission (LSC). All pledgers will shortly be receiving emails announcing our extraordinary good fortune from One Click Group Director Jane Bryant.

Background – The One Click NICE Judicial Review

On 12 October 2007 One Click launched its Legal Appeal to take the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to the High Court to challenge the appalling CFS/ME Guidelines by Judicial Review.

The response to the appeal for the funding of this legal action was overwhelming and heart lifting. From all round the world, in a matter of months – the case was announced on 7 September 2007 and the appeal was launched on 12 October 2007 – a multitudinous number of you pledged support for the aimed total of £20,000 to pay for the legal fees.

Most naturally when such an historic legal event is occurring, the psychiatric lobby and some of its most surprising associates simultaneously attempted to destabilise our legal action almost immediately upon commencement.

Behind the scenes a number of people were working hard to upset the One Click Legal Appeal. Our concern became great that if this destabilisation was effective, One Click could find itself up against a deadline to begin the Judicial Review of the CFS/ME NICE Guidelines with insufficient funding. So and on the advice of Saunders, One Click decided to go down the route of applying for Legal Aid to fight a publicly funded case against NICE on behalf of you all in the name of young ME/CFS Borreliosis sufferer, Ben Bryant, The One Click Group Technical Director.

The LSC most kindly responded to our plea and a few weeks ago, provided us with interim funding to formally appoint and work with our barrister, Kate Marcus from Doughty Street Chambers and to select and obtain the expert witnesses we need to prosecute this case.

This funding of our legal costs by the LSC enabled One Click to lodge formal application with the High Court for Judicial Review of the CFS/ME NICE Guidelines on 21 November 2007. See Press Release Health Advocacy Pressure Group Launches NICE High Court Action Today.

The LSC has now written to Saunders and stated without prejudice to other funding issues such as merits and duplication of proceedings, asked One Click to contribute £10,250 of the costs of this trial for which they propose to fund the remainder.

One Click Group Director Jane Bryant said: “Today is a great day. I would like to sincerely thank the Legal Services Commission for their great kindness on our behalf. I would also like to thank Saunders and Counsel Kate Marcus from Doughty Street Chambers for their excellent work. It is humbling to see so many good people on our side and attempting to do such good for ME/CFS labelled patients. Above all, I would like thank YOU – all of you from around the world – who are making this NICE Judicial Review possible.”

Below is the information that you will need as to how to honour your pledge to challenge the appalling CFS/ME NICE Guidelines in High Court. We are making legal history with this campaign of which you are the most important intrinsic part.

The angels have clearly been watching over us with this case. We would like to wish all the readers and contributors to One Click a VERY Happy New Year 2008.



Thank you so much for all your assistance with Judicial Review of the CFS/ME NICE Guidelines. We have put in place various ways for you to honour your pledges. Please read this document carefully.

So that all payments are correctly identified by our solicitors, can you please mark all communications with them “One Click Pledge 45198” and write this on the back of cheques etc.

Cheques, Postal Orders or Bankers Drafts

Please make your cheque, postal order or bankers draft payable to Saunders Solicitors LLP and post it to the firm at the following address:

Saunders Solicitors LLP
10 Aldersgate Street
London EC1A 4HJ
United Kingdom

Internet Banking

For those who wish to honour their pledge via internet banking, here are the details that you will need:

Saunders Solicitors LLP Client A/C
Barclays Bank Plc
Hatton Garden Business Centre
Account number: 30565512
Sort Code: 20 37 75

Credit Cards

Saunders Solicitors LLP take the following credit cards.

• Amex
• Delta
• Electron
• Maestro
• Mastercard
• Pin Train
• Solo
• UK Maestro
• Visa

Please telephone the firm on this number +44 (0) 20 7710 6300 to make your credit card payment. Please click on Saunders Solicitors LLP Credit Card Payment Form so that you can see what information the firm will ask for.

Using this form, you may also print it out, fill in the details and send your credit card payment by post if you wish to the firm’s address at:

Saunders Solicitors LLP
10 Aldersgate Street
London EC1A 4HJ
United Kingdom

Once our solicitors have banked our target £10,250 we will cease collecting the pledges. If funds turn out to be surplus, Saunders will only be able to return them to you if at the time of donation the firm is given your bank coordinates – name, address, bank sort code, bank account number and the title of the account. We therefore suggest that once you have honoured your pledge, you email Saunders Solicitors LLP at with these details, otherwise any surplus funds will be donated to a charity of The One Click Group’s choice.

If you have any queries, please email us at with any questions that you might have. Please also email us and keep us informed when you have honoured your pledge and for how much. It is essential that we keep up to the minute records.

We very much look forward to challenging the CFS/ME NICE Guidelines through the High Court.

Thank you so much! Onwards and upwards for 2008!




  1. Well done Jane, Ben and all who have worked so hard on this! I’ll be phoning my pledge through to Saunders LLP, first thing in the morning.

    Let’s be having the rest of you!

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