Southampton ME/CFS conference – February 12

From the ME Association’s news page
Southampton conference – February 12

An impressive list of key speakers have been announced for the first of next year’s biomedical and bioresearch conferences on ME/CFS which wlll take place at Southampton General Hospital on February 12. It is being organised by Hampshire Solutions – an alliance for promoting research into ME/CFS and fibromyalgia.

The conference will be co-chaired by Stephen Holgate, professor of clinical pharmacology at Southampton University, and David Peters, first professor of integrated health care at Westminster University.

Speakers include:

Martin Pall, professor of biochemistry – basic medical science at Washington State University (Converging mechanisms in the pathogenesis of ME/CFS and related conditions)

Dr Jonathan Kerr, senior lecturer, St George’s Hospital, London (New insights into ME – gene expression)

Dr Russell Lane, consultant neurologist, Charing Cross Hospital, London (Peripheral components of ME – mitochondrial malfunction)

Dr Byron Hyde, founder of the Nightingale Foundation, Canada (an understanding of ME/CFS through 20 years of clinical experience)

Dr Estabiliz Olano-Martin, Bilbao, Spain (Genetic profiles in aggressive forms of ME and Fibromyalgia)

Malcolm Hooper, professor of medicinal chemistry, Sunderland University (multiple chemical sensitivity)

Dr Abhijit Chaudhuri, consultant neurologist at Queen’s Hospital, Romford, Essex/Dr Federico Roncaroli (a view of the neuropathology of ME/CFS)

Hugh Perry, professor of experimental neuropathy, Southampton University (Systemic Inflammation of the brain)
GPs and healthcare professionals £50, academics and interested lay people £35, patients and carers £20, students free.

For booking form, contact Fiona at The Point of Health, 106 Winchester Road, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, Hants SO53 2GJ, tel: 023 8026 0227. Registration form and appropriate fee to be returned by Friday 18 January 2008. Please make cheques payable to Alliance for FM,ME/CFS (Hampshire Solutions).


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