Paediatricians Challenged to Debate? John Hemming, MP

Paediatricians Challenged to Debate?

John Hemming 07958 398 388

John Hemming MP, Chairman of Justice for Families, has challenged the Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health to a public debate about medical evidence in legal proceedings

“The RCPCH’s members”, he said, “have made substantial sums of money from giving evidence in Criminal and Family Court proceedings. They should be willing to debate how reliable the evidence is that they have been giving.”

“They have been misleading the public by claiming that those who disagree with them believe that Child Abuse does not happen. Of course it happens. Furthermore, there are cases of FII by proxy as well as FII. The issue is one of the standard of evidence and why there are so many false allegations.”

“It causes me great concern that there is a financial benefit from alleging child abuse. The RCPCH should reveal how much their members make from giving such evidence.”


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