News of next APPG on ME meeting and 2008 Parliamentary Term dates

Next APPG on ME meeting and 2008 Parliamentary Term dates

Contrary to expectations, there will be no APPG on ME meeting during December.

I am advised by the secretariat for the APPG on ME that the Rt Hon Alan Johnson, Secretary of State for Health, will not be attending the next APPG. Ms Ann Keen*, one of his junior ministers, has agreed to attend instead. APPG on ME secretariat is now looking at dates with Ms Keen’s office for the middle of January. It was hoped that a date could be fixed on Friday and that it could be announced on Friday or next Monday.

So far, no announcement has gone up on the MEA’s website.

*It was announced, last July, that Ann Keen MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Health, was given the job of overseeing the Department’s work on ME. To the best of my understanding, Ms Keen has yet to attend an APPG on ME meeting. Neither Ms Keen nor her boss, Health Secretary, Alan Johnson, were able to attend the July 2007 meeting of the APPG on ME.

Dates for the 2008 Parliamentary Term are as follows:

Christmas Recess: House rises: 18 December 2007
House returns: 7 January 2008
Half Term Recess: House rises: 7 February 2008
House returns: 18 February 2008
Easter Recess: House rises: 3 April 2008
House returns: 21 April 2008
Whitsun Recess: House rises: 22 May 2008
House Returns: 2 June 2008
Summer Recess: House rises: 22 July 2008
House returns: 6 October 2008

In addition to the recess dates listed above, the House will not sit on the following Bank Holidays: 21 March, 24 March and 5 May.


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