John Hemming, MP: Justice for Families Campaign report 17

Justice for Families Campaign report 17

November report

During November there has been some progress made with volunteers meetings. Ian Walton kindly videoed these and they are available on youtube. Other Television pieces are available via Fassit.

We may be organising a demonstration to protest against the continuing imprisonment of Charles Roy Taylor for contempt of court. He has been imprisoned for 20 months and is currently in Ford Open Prison. More information will be available when matters become clearer.

More of the media are now interested in telling stories about what is going on as there is a greater recognition of the problems.

EDM 405 looks specifically at people emigrating to get away from false allegations of MSbP – particularly in the North East. The current GMC hearing into Dr David Southall (one of the high priests of MSbP) is relevant here.

There have been some interesting judgments. One where the courts enforced a surrogacy agreement although statute states that Surrogacy is unenforcable. Another where the Hague convention was ignored. I am not saying that the decisions were wrong in principle, but instead that they are not in accordance with the law. The one relating to surrogacy was particularly interesting as it is a clear example of judges making value judgments about one family vs another – ignoring the normal permanency arguments.

Some interesting arguments about “capacity” have arisen. To me this is perhaps falls into the category of egregious decisions even in an environment packed with bad behaviour. What happens is that the local authorities hired help (the expert) says that mum is too stupid to instruct a solicitor (does not have the capacity) and so mum is totally excluded from the legal process as if she does not exist. It takes a bit of time to get your head around this.

I did ask the Prime Minister why young children in Scotland return to their parents and those in England get adopted, but I don’t think he really understood the question.

The comments on the press stories are not mine. I prefer to leave them unedited.
John Hemming

Press Stories in this subject area

A mother-to-be has fled her home after social workers threatened to take her baby within minutes of the birth.
Fran Lyon, 22, hopes a new local authority will take a different approach.

Fran Lyon yesterday left her home in St Hilda’s Road, Hexham, after receiving what she described as a “horrific” birth plan for her child from Northumberland County Council social services.

A pregnant woman has fled the UK after social services warned they would take her baby into care within 30 minutes of birth. Fran Lyon.

Fran Lyon leaves the UK to give her baby a safe and happy start to life in a country that does not traumatise children by snatching them at birth.

Another child abused and traumatised for life by UK SS.
An 8 year ld girl told teachers ” I thought I wouldn’t see my parents again”, after a blunder by social services. The youngster was taken from her school, after reports of abuse were made by a gym employee at Next Generation Clubs( NGC) I Gidea Park, to Havering Council. Social services also took the parents two sons-aged 2 and 3 and they were forced to live with foster carers for 3 days.

A solicitor who snatched his baby from two care workers before going on the run has been jailed for 20 months.

Children’s human rights violated once again as they are paraded like lost puppies or kitten’s for sale.

Heather Mills, obviously displaying the pattern of an emotionally abused woman and who should be given the love and support needed like most going through a traumatic relationship break up, now has to face the persecution of UK social services.

Child database plan under attack following missing discs debacle

Lord Justice Thorpe, one of three judges sitting at the Court of Appeal in London thinks himself above complying to the Hague convention.
Judge accused of child abuse ‘let off by police’

A chief constable is being investigated over his force’s dismissal of child abuse allegations against a judge.

The Darker side of adoption. What still goes on today all for the sake of money. The billion dollar baby trade.

A leading campaigner is demanding a public enquiry into the child protection system, claiming that radical reforms prompted by the death of Victoria Climbié have been ineffective.

Update on the case of Solicitor Sally Clark, who was freed after being wrongly convicted of killing two of her children.
Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray said there was no evidence that Mrs Clark, of Hatfield Peverel, Essex, intended to commit suicide. She ruled that the 42-year-old died of an accidental alcohol overdose.

Another example of children being handed over for adoption to people without the right training, skills or commitment and unconditional love for the child.

Controversial paediatrician David Southall is today appearing before the General Medical Council at a resumed hearing into his fitness to practise.
Parents have also accused him of involving their children in research without their consent.

The forensic pathologist who carried out post-mortem tests on the two babies of Sally Clark has lost his High Court challenge against a ruling that he was guilty of serious professional misconduct.

Another example of UK SS neglecting to provide safety for children from abusive parents on drugs so they can use this as an excuse to steal children from loving families and say they can’t take any chances.

A strange tale of how Wife fights for the right to raise her husband’s love child.

More than one in five Britons will have to pass a vetting test under ambitious new child protection rules, ministers have said.

After a host of miscarriages of justice based on discredited expert witnesses, calls are growing for radical reform of their use in court

A woman who was allegedly subjected to a campaign of harassment by a social worker has told a General Social Care Council conduct committee that her “whole world fell apart” as a result.

Lords are seeking to amend The Children and Young People’s Bill to ensure looked-after children can stay with their foster carers until the age of 21.

Thousands of children with behavioural problems are being prescribed anti-psychotic drugs with dangerous side effects, doctors warn.

Three out of four judges and lawyers make no checks on the qualifications of expert witnesses, whose evidence can be crucial to a finding of guilt or innocence, research suggests.

Doctors and UK social workers failing abused children as they concerntrate on snatching children that are more suitable for adoption, from happy loving families.,,2209024,00.html

Children looked after who first taken into care during year ending 31 March 2006, by age when first taken into care 1,2,3,4

A woman has been told she is too fat to adopt and will need to join Weight Watchers in order to parent a child.

Swansea Council leader barred for 2 years from public office over porn  

Social worker accused of harrassing couple with false allegations of child abuse-(GSCC hearing)  

Lords call for children to stay in foster care until 21  

Thanks to Ali for collating the press stories and Wendy for assisting.


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