Neglect of Severe ME sufferers in Norfolk and Suffolk

In response to The East Anglia ME Patient’s Partnership (EAME) and the 25% Severe ME Group press release, Nov 28, 2007,  John Sayer, Chair, M.E. Support-Norfolk, has published the following:
Neglect of Severe ME sufferers in Norfolk and Suffolk

Extract, EAME Press release:

“The East Anglia ME Patient Partnership group is an umbrella group with members representing local ME Support Groups from around the region.”

EAME started out as an ‘umbrella group’ for local Norfolk/Suffolk/Cambridgeshire groups but now includes all sorts of individuals as members, which is part of the reason why “M.E. Support-Norfolk” is no longer a member group.

Extract, EAME Press release:

“This latter clinic [ie. the “Norfolk and Suffolk ME/CFS Service”] is the second largest of twelve Clinical Network Co-ordinating Centres in England for ME and has been established for many years.”
Dr Terry Mitchell’s ‘chronic fatigue service’ (at the James Paget Hospital, Gorleston, Gt Yarmouth) was established several years ago, but this is not the service now on offer for Norfolk/Suffolk, which has recently supplanted it.

John Sayer
Chair, M.E. Support-Norfolk


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