Comments to Daily Mail article of 15 November which remain unpublished

Daily Mail  Yuppie flu campaigners fight ‘mental illness’ label  article
The following comment was submitted on 15 November in response to this Daily Mail article.   To date, none of the many comments submitted have been published by the Daily Mail.  [See previous comment from The ONE CLICK Group].

Sufferers of ME are not sufferers of “Yuppie Flu” and supporters of The ONE CLICK Group campaign are not “Yuppie Flu Campaigners”.  ME is classified by the World Health Organisation as a neurological illness (WHO ICD-10 G93.3) and we are campaigning for it to be recognised and treated as such, by NICE.  For how much longer are journalists going to drag out this denigrating and inaccurate term?  “Yuppie Flu” was coined by the media, years ago, and the continued misrepresentation of a seriously debilitating illness which is ruining the lives of thousands of children, as well as adults of all ages, is one of the reasons why this action is necessary.  Accurate and informed coverage of ME by the media is always welcomed but please, please journalists, on behalf of all those with children and young people whose lives are on hold because of this horrible illness, let’s see this tired, trite and grossly misleading term buried, once and for all! 


Suzy Chapman, carer of young person with ME