ONE CLICK launches NICE High Court Action Today

21 November 2007

Health Advocacy Pressure Group Launches NICE High Court Action Today

The One Click health advocacy pressure group lodged formal application with the High Court today for Judicial Review  of the CFS/ME National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) Guidelines. The legal team handling this  case are Saunders Solicitors LLP and Counsel Kate Marcus from Doughty Street Chambers. We seek to get these entirely
flawed Guidelines quashed and withdrawn.

In defiance of the substantial biomedical evidence submitted to its Guideline Development Group (GDG), NICE is recommending the inappropriate and potentially dangerous behavioural modification regimes of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy/Graded Exercise Therapy (CBT/GET) as the only management strategy for these patients. These have been shown to do neurological ME/CFS patients considerable harm.

By contrast, the World Health Organisation classifies ME/CFS as a neurological illness (WHO ICD-10 G93.3) and this is accepted by the Department of Health. The United Kingdom government is signatory to the WHO rubric and therefore  must abide by this.

The British Psychological Society has publicly criticised the Guidelines for being insufficiently evidence-based and too prescriptive in its recommendations of therapy. Eight of the major ME/CFS charities have declared the Guidelines as Unfit for Purpose.

One Click Group Director Jane Bryant said: “ME/CFS labelled patients, doctors, academics, charities and groups from  around the world have provided us with tremendous support for this Judicial Review. We very much look forward to the  biomedical ME/CFS evidence being placed in the public domain in the High Court by us.”

Professor Anthony Komaroff from Harvard Medical School said: “There are now over 4,000 published studies that show  underlying biological abnormalities in patients with this illness. It’s not an illness that people can simply imagine that they have and it’s not a psychological illness. In my view, that debate, which was waged for 20 years, should now be over.”

The One Click Group seeks to finally bring this debate to a most timely end through the High Court.

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