Telegraph letters: Prof Peter Littlejohns, NICE

Telegraph letters

Chronic fatigue

Sir – The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) has never classified chronic fatigue syndrome, or ME, as a psychological disorder (report, November 16).

The use of psychological therapy as part of a collaborative approach in treating ME does not imply that symptoms are made up or “in the patient’s head”.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is an evidence-based psychological therapy used in many health settings, including cardiac rehabilitation and cancer management. When it is used in treating ME, the aim is to reduce the levels of symptoms, disability and distress associated with the condition.

Our guidelines make it clear that it is one option that people with mild or moderate chronic fatigue syndrome should be offered to manage their condition.

We have not been notified of any application made to the court for judicial review of the guidelines, and leave for a review has not been granted. We will, of course, respond to any application appropriately.

Professor Peter Littlejohns, Clinical and Public Health Director, Nice, London WC1