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* BPS Slams NICE Guidelines – One Click NICE Judicial Review

Dr Martin Crawshaw, Chair of the British Psychological Society’s Professional Practice Board states therapies recommended by NICE do not allow psychologists to treat patients with CFS with specific needs.
From Dr Ellen Goudsmit, British Pyschological Society Press Release.

* Update – NICE Judicial Review Media Coverage
Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and BBC Breakfast News cover story. All hands on legal deck with barrister.
From The One Click Group

* NICE Judicial Review Focus
One Click Judicial Review focus running up to court application deadline. Usual raw news hub interactive distribution services to be resumed in the immediate future.
From The One Click Group

* Evening Standard Breaks Judicial Review Story  – Disgraceful Yuppie Flu Sting In Tail
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) could have to rewrite its new guidelines on chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as ME, says the Evening Standard.  One Click assists Evening Standard by correcting shocking  medical misinformation. 
By Sophie Goodchild, Health Editor, London Evening Standard.

* NICE Judicial Review – Campaign Update 1
Judicial Review process information provided. It is time for NICE to be legally afraid. Very afraid indeed.
From The One Click Group

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