Times: The fight goes on for veterans broken by the horrors of war


The fight goes on for veterans broken by the horrors of war

November 12, 2007

Terry Walker died a wreck of his former self. Now his parents are suing the MoD for damages

When Ted and Hazel Walker took part in the Remembrance Sunday service at their parish church their thoughts were for the son they buried this year.

Three weeks before his death, Terry Walker woke up in his hospital bed screaming that the tanks were coming.

Thrashing around, the Gulf War veteran pulled out the tubes and wires that connected him to the monitoring equipment in the specialist heart unit at Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne. He fought the nurses who tried to calm him down. It was one of the final nightmares to visit a man who died a broken shell of his former self.

Mr Walker’s parents, pensioners from a village near York who have been left to care for his 13-year-old daughter, have taken up their son’s long battle to seek better treatment for the victims of Gulf War syndrome.

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