Podcasts for You and Yours ME strand which finished, today

All five Podcasts for the ME strand on You and Yours can be downloaded from:


YYHealth: ME Research
We examine what research is currently being done and how the funding is distributed. Guests: Prof Colin Blakemore, Dr Chaudhuri and Dr Esther Crawley.

Duration: 19mins | File Size: 9MB


YYHealth: ME Series – Shirley Conran and Listener reaction
We find out the real reason why ‘Superwoman’ was written as the writer tells us about her personal experience of living with ME. Also listener reaction to our series.

Duration: 12mins | File Size: 6MB


YYHealth: ME Series – Alternative Treatments
We consider alternative treatments for ME such as nutrition, homeopathy and talking therapies. Guests include Prof Leslie Findlay, Prof Tony Pinching and Elaine Weatherley-Jones.

Duration: 26mins | File Size: 13MB


YYHealth: ME Series – CBT
Cognitive behavioural therapy is one of the most common treatments offered for ME on the NHS, but how effective is it? Carolyn Atkinson reports.

Duration: 13mins | File Size: 7MB


YYHealth: ME Discussion
What is ME and why is it so controversial? Prof Peter White, Dr William Weir and Ondine Upton from the charity Action for ME discuss the issues.

Duration: 24mins | File Size: 12MB