The UK’s secret Family Courts by Jack Frost, Irish Family Press

Irish Family Press………The UK’s Secret Family Courts……….Abduction of children to meet government targets:

Irish Family Press

2– 8 November 2007   ISSUE 702

The UK’s secret Family Courts. Abduction of children, to meet government targets.

by Jack Frost

“I first came by this huge scandal, after my wife and I were falsely accused of abusing our daughter Heidi, then 12 years old. Though Heidi was very ill and this was reflected in her blood test results, her physical appearance and other symptoms, such as diarrhoea, intermittent fevers, lack of sleep, aching joints, allergies and a diagnosis of the Glandular Fever virus having also been intermittently detected. However, we were not aware that my wife had inadvertently slighted a paediatrician who was apparently treating Heidi. My wife had made the cardinal mistake of seeking a referral to a specialist, because she was so worried about Heidi’s deteriorating condition. This was the catalyst for the false allegations and the involvement of social workers. I have since learned, that our experience is not at all uncommon. “

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