ONE CLICK Legal Appeal: Judicial Review – Major Breaking News


ONE CLICK Legal Appeal: Judicial Review – Major Breaking News

The One Click Group has been in receipt of major breaking news from Saunders Solicitors LLP  in the funding of the Judicial Review of the appalling CFS/ME NICE Guidelines. It is entirely major positive.  This is another happy tears moment all around.

We are not at liberty at present to publicly divulge this information for fear of compromising the position that is still under negotiation. We hope to be able to provide  more concrete information for you next week. We wish it could be sooner, but the weekend is about to intervene.

This news is simply wonderful and very much in our favour.  For everybody. There has been something about this case  from the outset. Something good and terribly empowering.  Suffice it to say that no more pledges will be necessary at this time.

We will keep all our readers and contributors to the Legal Appeal Campaign apprised of this major development as soon as we have permission to do so.

It is as if we have had the angels on our side from the start with this court case campaign. We never expected to get this and we never dared to hope. Please long may it continue.

We would like to thank all the team members at Saunders Solicitors LLP for their excellent work.

Thank You All!

The One Click Group

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