A victory: Response from Greg Crowhurst to UNUM item on BBC News at 10

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A victory.

Greg Crowhurst

Nov 7 2007

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14 years of living with severe ME ; poverty, a painful, paralysed struggle, every single moment. It was our wedding anniversary yesterday.

What a particularly exquisite joy it was then to witness the BBC’s Marl Daley, famous in the UK for his expose of institutional racism in the Police force, launch into a devastating critique of UNUM, on the news at 10 last night.

UNUM ‘s extraordinary , growing, life-destroying influence over ME sufferer’s lives has been the bane of our life, for well over a decade.

Dr Peter Dewis did his uncomfortable best to try and explain how UNUM has moved on ; about as convincing as anyone who authored the infamous Disability Handbook with Prof Michael Aylward could be.

In its ongoing relationship with the government, UNUM has sponsored meetings at the 2003 and 2005 Labour Party conferences, titled ‘The missing million: disability and pathways to work’ and ‘Welfare Reform: The way forward’, respectively.

Illness, UNUM argue, is a dysfunction of the person; the problem of illness is located in the individual’s beliefs and behaviour.

In 2001 UNUM launched New Beginnings , a public private partnership which has been hugely influential in shaping Public Policy, especially in relation to the Department of Work and Pensions ‘s (DWP) Pathways to Work programme – designed to get disabled people back into work.

Labour’s Welfare Reform Bill received Royal Assent on May 3rd 2007; the ill are rightly worried that this is a drive to force them off benefits into jobs they are too ill to perform.

Alongside privatisation of the NHS, once unthinkable, privatisation of UK welfare reform is now gathering apace with UNUM as its major player.

In the age of Blair “ideology has surrendered entirely to ‘values’… there are no sacred cows [and] no fossilised limits to the ground over which the mind might range in search of a better Britain”, Hugo Young warned in the Guardian, in 1997.

*It was particularly good to see Ian Gibson MP on the programme last night , questioning UMUM’ s involvement; his Parliamentary Inquiry into ME/CFS raised grave concerns about the vested interests at the DWP.

To be disabled or ill under New Labour has always been to be poor, punished and penalized.

There is always hope though.

United Health Europe were prevented from taking control of GP services in Derbyshire. Pat Smith, a pensioner, took the case to court and won. “This shows what people power can do,” she said.

Mind you, Chan Wheeler, an ex Chief Executive of United Health has recently been appointed the new commercial director of the NHS.

Even so.

Just for a moment last night , it felt like a victory.


3 thoughts on “A victory: Response from Greg Crowhurst to UNUM item on BBC News at 10

  1. Dear Creg,

    Well done! I was also personally very pleased with Mark Daly’s BBC Unum story for very obvious reasons of my own.

    Hopefully, our elected MP’s will immediately start to do the right thing and seriously investigate the Unum/NHS/Welfare “reform” fiasco, with the help and support of ethical members of the legal and medical professions.

    Let’s hope they do, anyway.

    On a personal note, I’ve watched your video’s and I really hope your wife is doing OK.
    Best wishes,

  2. Fascinating information. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with peripheral neuropathy which has really cut back my ability to dash around the country training and making public presentations and has also limited the more intense specialist work I do. UNUM has sent me an extraordinary letter denying liability without any mention of policy benefits for proportionate or rehabilitation benefit.

    Has anyone else had experience of similar problems relating to Diabetes.

    let me know. I find it extraordinary that UNUM can be allowed to sell a policy on the basis that it will cover you if you can only undertake part of your occupation or have to work at another and then ignore this at the time of a claim.

    Has anyone else had experience of an illness which has led to one of these sitautions (as opposed to total incapacity from occupation) and found that UNUM has ignored this policy benefit.

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