BBC news investigation into UNUM

Ed: Dr Ian Gibson did not refer specifically to ME during this broadcast.  This BBC broadcast can be accessed via Real Player at:

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From The ME Association

There was an interesting short report on the BBC 10pm news this evening regarding an investigation they have been carrying out into the activities of the American insurance giant UNUM and the very close links that this company has established over the years with the DWP.

The story covered a number of threads which will be very familiar to people with ME/CFS who have been in dispute with this company.

In particular, legal actions that have taken place in the USA; the way UNUM are advising the DWP on benefit reform; and the new UNUM centre at Cardiff University.

Those who follow the ME APPG meetings will be aware of the fact that Dr Ian Gibson is taking a keen interest in the way that UNUM are involved in UK benefit reform. Ian made a brief appearance to talk about this aspect.

Nobody from the DWP was willing to appear on camera.

I’m not sure if a more detailed report is going to appear on another BBC programme – there is nothing, as yet, on the BBC news website.

There is some interesting reading on CBT etc in the UNUM 2007 Chief Medical Officer’s report:

Dr Charles Shepherd
Hon Medical Adviser, ME Association