ONE CLICK NICE CFS / ME Legal Appeal: Important update

From Jane Bryant, Director, The ONE CLICK Group:

For all those good people and organisations around the world involved in attempting to challenge the appalling CFS/ME NICE Guidelines by Judicial Review,  The One Click Group has two words to announce to you all today and they are these: Thank You! We are on our way!

Because so many people and organisations have globally pledged in excess of £13,000 to date in such good faith,  our solicitors have agreed to start the formal legal work necessary on our behalf today to commence Judicial Review.  We now have legal decks cleared and hands being appointed  to prosecute this case.

In light of this extraordinarily wonderful development,  One Click has therefore been given leave by the lawyers  to extend our 5th November fund raising deadline for a few more days, say, Friday 9th November, to try to reach our  target of £20,000. It is a gigantic tribute to the work done by so many that this process has now begun.

It is extraordinary testament to human kindness and good faith that even though we have not yet managed to meet our  target yet, STILL formal legal work has now commenced on our behalf. This has been a seminal emotional moment for  all and is a testament to the fact that our plea has resounded around the world.

Today has been a very emotional one too. One Click Group Director Jane Bryant said: “I would like to take this  opportunity to thank EVERYONE involved in this massive endeavour from around the world. This extraordinary  feat is your amazing doing. When we were told today that barristers are now being consulted to prosecute this case, I started to cry afterwards. I think that it was at this moment that what we are so gloriously trying to achieve really did sink in.”

There is much work now to be done. Please globally circulate with renewed endeavour the How To Donate – Legal Appeal Instructions ( ) and ask for the Legal Appeal Flyer to be networked.  This is now being displayed on websites around the world. Please increase the knowledge base of what is happening in the UK.

Remember, remember the 5th of November. We are finally on our legal way. This is a tribute to you all.

The One Click Group

Happy Bonfire and Fireworks night to everyone concerned.

Guy Fawkes Poem, circa 1605

Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason, why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

Fireworks Image

This information is available on THE ONE CLICK GROUP website



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