ME series on BBC Radio 4 starts today, Friday, November 2

I have appended a new notice issued by the MEA and the provisional running order from a previous MEA notice but please also refer to Radio Times 3-9 November isssue. The only details given in Radio Times for the content of the Tuesday, 6 November programme are:

12.04 PM Call You and Yours

Report on consumer affairs with Winifred Robinson and Peter White [Ed: BBC You and Yours and Face the Facts presenter, not Prof Peter Denton White who may be contributing to this series].
EMAIL:  PHONE: 0870 010 0444 (calls from landlines cost no more than 8p per minute).  Lines are open from 10am

You and Yours and Tuesday’s Case Notes are also featured on page 139 of the Radio Times under Spoken Word Choices

“Mon-Fri 12.o4pm and Tue 9.00pm Radio 4  Chronic fatigue syndrome, or ME, affects nearly a quarter of a million people in the UK, yet no-one really knows what causes it – or how to treat it.  This week, both You and Yours and Case Notes have dedicated programmes to the condition.  Doctors and patients discuss everything from diagnosis to alternative treatments.  Claire Webb”

 It’s not known how much of each day’s programme is going to be allocated to ME.


ME Association news page

ME series on BBC Radio starts Friday, November 2

Staff and trustees at national charity The ME Association have been advising on the production of a major new series on ME, which some doctors call Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which starts on BBC Radio this Friday (November 2).

The ‘You and Yours’ programme, which goes out on BBC Radio 4 at 12.04pm each weekday, will present seven programmes about the illness – starting off with an interview with celebrity author Shirley Conran, best known for her saying “Life is too short to stuff a mushroom”, who has had ME for many years.

A spokesman for The ME Association said: “This series offers a rare opportunity for some sensible discussion in the media about one of the most misunderstood illnesses in the world – which affects an estimated 240,000 people in the UK.

“There will be items on why ME is so controversial, interviews with sufferers, a review of the inadequate range of treatment options offered by the NHS, a quick look at some alternative approaches which people with ME find helpful in improving their symptoms and a round-up of research advances, which one day will unlock the medical mysteries and lead to a cure.

“We are delighted to have been involved from the start in the planning of the series, and hope it won’t be hijacked at any stage by companies hawking so-called miracle cures”.

BBC Radio 4 ‘Case Notes’ programme will also be discussing ME on Tuesday, November 6.

From the ‘Radio Times’

9.00 pm Case Notes
ME, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome, often strikes young people. Mark Porter joins Dr Esther Crawley, at her clinic for teenagers with ME and finds out what she and her team are doing to help her patients manage their illness.
Repeated tomorrow at 4.30 pm


Provisional running order

Friday November 2: celebrity interview with Shirley Conran, and announcement about their mini-series the following week. Possibly introduction of a musical leitmotif for the series, involving originally composed music by a PwME,

Monday, November 5: A Guy Fawkes Day discussion on why ME produces such fireworks inn conversation. Professor Peter White v Dr William Weir, with Ondine Upton, former chair of AfME.

Nov 6: Interviews with two sufferers: a severely ill lady from Oxfordshire, and someone who is progressing to some form of recovery

Nov 7: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Professor Trudie Chalder v. Dr Charles Shepherd (plus interviews with with PWME who have tried CBT, but decided it didn’t work for them).

Nov 8: Their ‘alternative and complementary” approaches day. The ME Association has suggested look at the Bowen Technique (Cassandra Dry, from Kent), homeopathy (Dr Susie Rockwell, from Hove, East Sussex); meditation (Sue Rawnsley – she’s also a Reiki master), Qi Gong (Dario Gerchi, from Bruton, Somerset), Yoga for people with ME (Angela Stevens, from Woodhurst, East Sussex), Western Herbal Medicine (Jo Dunbar, Claygate, Surrey). Recorded interviews with the therapists, then studio discussion about the therapies by “experts”, as yet undefined.

Nov 9: Research advances (discussion with people working in the field).

Monday, Nov 12: They are considering a wrap-it-up item the following Monday, which presumably will include feedback from listeners.


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