Major ME broadcasting event on BBC Radio (scheduled for early November)

From the ME Association’s news page

Major ME broadcasting event on BBC Radio

ME will receive special treatment on BBC Radio 4 at the beginning of November. The “You and Yours” programme will be running a seven-part series, beginning on November 2.

Provisional running order

Friday November 2: celebrity interview with Shirley Conran, and announcement about their mini-series the following week. Possibly introduction of a musical leitmotif for the series, involving originally composed music by a PwME,

Monday, November 5: A Guy Fawkes Day discussion on why ME produces such fireworks inn conversation. Professor Peter White v Dr William Weir, with Ondine Upton, former chair of AfME.

Nov 6: Interviews with two sufferers: a severely ill lady from Oxfordshire, and someone who is progressing to some form of recovery

Nov 7: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Professor Trudie Chalder v. Dr Charles Shepherd (plus interviews with with PWME who have tried CBT, but decided it didn’t work for them).

Nov 8: Their ‘alternative and complementary” approaches day. The ME Association has suggested look at the Bowen Technique (Cassandra Dry, from Kent), homeopathy (Dr Susie Rockwell, from Hove, East Sussex); meditation (Sue Rawnsley – she’s also a Reiki master), Qi Gong (Dario Gerchi, from Bruton, Somerset), Yoga for people with ME (Angela Stevens, from Woodhurst, East Sussex), Western Herbal Medicine (Jo Dunbar, Claygate, Surrey). Recorded interviews with the therapists, then studio discussion about the therapies by “experts”, as yet undefined.

Nov 9: Research advances (discussion with people working in the field).

Monday, Nov 12: They are considering a wrap-it-up item the following Monday, which presumably will include feedback from listeners.

The ME Association has also contributed to the production of a BBC fact sheet to go with the series.