Questions concerning closure of The MEACH Trust

Closure of The MEACH Trust

In view of questions being asked, and the absence of any public statement, The ME Association asked the Charity Commission (CC) a number of questions last week regarding the decision to dissolve the MEACH TRUST charity on 21 August 2007.

These were:

1 Why has the charity ceased to function?

The CC were unable to clarify and pointed out that they generally do not make enquiries when a charity decides to dissolve.

2 What has happened to the money (around £88,000 over five years) that was being raised to build a care home?

The CC was unable to provide an answer.

3 What has happened to the remaining assets?

Any remaining assets have been donated to the 25% Group. [The 25% ME Group for severe sufferers]

Dr Charles Shepherd

The ME Association

24 October 2007