RiME: Newsletter No.9 now available

Campaigning for Research into ME (RiME)
RiME Newsletter No.9 is now available.

Items include:

1. RiME Referendum: RiME will be writing to each of the 646 MPs asking whether or not they think the UK Govt should be funding research into the underlying physical causes and disease process of ME. I was planning to do this Sept. 2007 five years after the RiME 2002 Petition. But, with speculation rife about a general election, I have decided to hold off a while. More details to follow…

2. Petition: Angela Kennedy and Ian McLachlan have set up a petition which gives people the opportunity to express their opposition to/concerns re. the ‘CFS/ME’ Clinics set up following the CMO Report 2002.

3. The Govt and its position on G.93.3. RiME’s verdict.

4. NICE, NHS Plus, DWP Guidelines.

5. APPG: July 12 Meeting, the selective reporting of it, RiME considering further representation to Parliamentary Commissioner.

6. MRC and Freedom of Information.

7. Latest from CFSRF re. Gene Research.

and more…

If you would like a copy, please send addressed envelope + 6 unused loose stamps (this does not apply to those in credit).

The referendum is a major project. We welcome A4 Paper, envelopes + stamps.


Paul Davis
04 October 2007

RiME 10 Carters Hill Close, Mottingham, SE9 4RS
To contact Paul Davis Email RiME


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