Round up of four recent articles in the Times and Sunday Times

Four recent articles in the Times and Sunday Times. Comments can be left online to all four items.

Jane Colby, The Young ME Sufferers Trust, has left a response to the Dr Jane Collins article. No online responses as  yet to the Mark Henderson piece on CBT for “CFS”, in the Body & Soul “Junk Science” series (usually the domain of the delightful Dr Copperfield) and no other responses yet from any of the other national ME organisations to any of these items:


1] “In Gear” section, Coping with me, 2 September 2007

“If you find yourself in pain while at your desk, this handy vibrating massage ball may help.”  


2] The Chalder CBT for diabetes article, 11 September 2007, Mark Henderson, Time Science Editor


3] What is chronic fatigue syndrome or ME?, 14 September 2007: Dr Jane Collins with Anna Gregorowski

“…looking for a cause (…) is not useful…Lack of exercise is associated with brittle bones, poor growth, school failure and possible psychological problems…”


4] Body & Soul section, 15 September, 2007: Cognitive behavioural therapy, Junk medicine: I think this might work, Mark Henderson, Times Science Editor

“Even when diseases have a clear physical cause – a virus, as in HIV, or an auto-immune reaction, as in diabetes or arthritis – psychological factors can have a major effect on outcomes. Compliance with treatment regimens, diet and exercise, and background mental health are often critical to a good prognosis, and CBT can improve all of these…There are no other therapies for CFS with such good evidence in their support, yet some patient groups have reacted with anger…The biology of cancer and diabetes is quite well understood, yet there is evidence that CBT can help and many patients are keen to have it. It is unfortunate that people with CFS do not think likewise…”