NICE related blogs and blog entries

A GP with ME (who also has a doctor friend with ME who shares his name with Simon Wessely) comments on the NICE CFS/ME Guidelines:

Doctor Speedy and ME in search of medical honesty

2 thoughts on “NICE related blogs and blog entries

  1. Dear ME Agenda,

    Congratulations on your Nice (sorry) site. Thanks for putting a link to this Blog.
    It is great that there is finally a GP who is writing a BLOG about ME and the Nice guidelines.
    Thanks for alerting me to his site.


  2. Thank you, Andrew, for taking the time to leave a comment.

    Before launching this Blog, for several years I ran a Yahoo forum for sufferers of ME and for carers of adults, children and young people. A number of my forum members had been working as nurses or had been training in nursing at the time they developed ME. It must be particularly uncomfortable terrain for members of the medical profession (or for the children of medics) who develop this wretched illness.

    We shall need to nurture Dr Speedy – today, he’s challenging the Times’ Science Editor on the CBT for CFS article in the Body & Soul section of Saturday’s Times:

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