New study, Journal of Clinical Pathology: Stomach virus ‘may trigger ME’

New study, Journal of Clinical Pathology: Stomach virus ‘may trigger ME’

BBC news
Stomach virus ‘may trigger M.E.’

US researchers have produced compelling evidence linking chronic fatigue syndrome to a stomach virus. The researchers examined 165 patients with chronic fatigue syndrome – also known as M.E. (myalgic encephalitis) – and long-standing gut complaints. More than 80% of samples were infected with an enterovirus, compared with just seven of 34 samples taken from healthy volunteers. The study is published in the Journal of Clinical Pathology. The findings raise the question of whether antiviral drug therapy would be beneficial.

“The finding may help explain why many patients with M.E. often have intermittent or persistent gut problems, including indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome.” Dr Charles Shepherd, M.E. Association

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ME (myalgic Encephalitis) Stomach Virus Link

Medical News Today

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Main Category: GastroIntestinal / Gastroenterology News, Article Date: 13 Sep 2007

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“Chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with chronic enterovirus infection of the stomach” John K S Chia, Andrew Y Chia
Online First J Clin Pathol 2007; doi: 10.1136/jcp.2007.050054


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