Statement from The One Click Group concerning CFS / ME NICE Guidelines

Statement from THE ONE CLICK GROUP concerning CFS/ME NICE Guidelines

07 September 2007

The CFS/ME NICE Guidelines were published on 22 August 2007 amidst the huge controversy that has surrounded their development for years. See the Full Version and Short Version.

The One Click Group is a Registered Stakeholder on the development of these Guidelines.

In November 2006, The One Click Group published and delivered The One Click Group Response – NICE Guidelines. Meticulously researched and providing entirely factual evidence with 69 academic references, NICE attempted to block receipt of this document as the correspondence between CEO Andrew Dillon of NICE and One Click clearly shows in 2006. This followed in the hallowed NICE tradition of refusing to acknowledge and publish ALL the biomedical evidence and papers submitted to NICE by its Registered Stakeholder One Click over a period of two years.

Nine months later and with the CFS/ME NICE Guidelines finally published in August 2007, NICE is attempting to prevent full publication of this official document on its website by claiming that the contents are defamatory, libellous and that the live link references are untraceable. NICE further maintains that those patients that worked so hard on their submissions must be anonymised and therefore erased. For NICE to be very uncomfortable over the evidence produced by patients and health advocates is one thing. To deliberately attempt to erase the biomedical evidence over a period of years submitted via formal due process, entirely another.

Currently, this matter is in the hands of the NICE solicitors whilst they consider what portions of this expert patient document are unacceptable to them.

We question the amount of British taxpayer funds being used by NICE on legal advice to censure `expert patient’ formal due process response to these Guidelines.

Checked by our solicitors prior to publication and delivery to NICE, this is the document that presents the evidence of the unethical medical and political manipulation by NICE and the Department of Health over these Guidelines.

This is the document that NICE does not want you to read. Since publication in November 2006, this document has been perused by countless hundreds of thousands worldwide. NICE is attempting to shove its unethically manipulated fetid finger into the dam that is long bust, much to the amusement of the many politicians who read One Click so avidly.

The government constantly maintains that it seeks the advice of the `expert patient’ and has indeed launched an initiative to cater to this. However, when the advice of the `expert patient’ is delivered through due process, it is ignored and deliberately suppressed as the activities of NICE over the production of the CFS/ME NICE Guidelines so clearly demonstrate. It is beyond doubt that NICE has not completed the protocol correctly on many levels.

To date some selected groups and ME/CFS charities have propounded fine sentiments over these NICE Guidelines from which the possibility of legal redress is conspicuous by its absence.

One Click has now put forward documents to our solicitors whilst we carefully consider and explore the potential of Judicial Review of these Guidelines. A Judicial Review is a type of court proceedings in which a judge reviews the lawfulness of a decision or action made by a public body.

One Click Group Director Jane Bryant comments: “UK ME/CFS advocacy has been distinguished for the last forty years or more by rank hot air, corrosive infighting and secrecy that has done much damage to all. We refer our readers to The Underbelly of ME/CFS Politics Revealed  that illustrates this so vividly. This, in addition to the shenanigans performed by selected ME/CFS charities and individuals over the RCPCH Guidelines that served to damage the best interests of every single ME/CFS labelled child in Britain, together with the dreadful Gibson Report spring immediately to mind.” It remains to be seen if post the NICE Guidelines, ME/CFS health advocacy will flow down this oh so familiar path yet again.

To ensure that readers are left in no doubt, Bryant continued: “If any other health advocacy group feels better placed with solicitors to pick up the possible legal baton over the CFS/ME NICE Guidelines in our stead, please be our guest. The time to speak up is now so that we do not waste the valuable time of our solicitors and colleagues. This would be entirely unforgiveable. One Click has recently massively expanded its health advocacy remit and readership. The history of ME/CFS politics to date dictates that we arguably have other far easier and meritorious cases to support and prosecute.”

Please note that a Judicial Review requires enormous hard work, co-operation and the raising of funds to service such an initiative if our solicitors agree that a solid case can be made. There is no guarantee of success.

We will keep our readers and contributors informed of developments. We will not be placing our legal strategy in the public domain at this time for very sagacious NICE reasons.

The One Click Group

For further information:

ME Association Charity Statement NICE Guidelines, 7 September 2007.

Full text of the psychiatric lobby leader Peter White, AfME and AYME charities CFS/ME NICE Guidelines article in the British Medical Journal, 1 September 2007.

See also the [eBMJ] Rapid Responses to this article published to date.

It should be noted that AfME and AYME support the CFS/ME NICE Guidelines because their bread baskets are dependent upon government grant. When the government whistles over Guidelines set to damage patients, such financially dependent charities simply answer how high. Such are the corrosive vested interests displayed in ME/CFS politics.

See The AfME Dossier [ONE CLICK Group]

This information is available on THE ONE CLICK GROUP website



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