Occupational Health (NHS Plus): Statement from AfME: 17 August 2007

Statement from AfME
Occupational Health (NHS Plus)
17 August 2007

The Occupational Health guideline which was published by NHS Plus in October 2006 has been the subject of great concern to charities and other organisations serving the interests of people with M.E.

Following her attendance at the All Party Parliamentary Group for ME on 17 May this year, Dr Ira Madan – the Occupational Health Consultant who is now leading on this guideline for NHS Plus – agreed to meet Peter Spencer, Chief Executive of Action for M.E. and Neil Riley, Chair of the M.E. Association. The meeting took place on 16 July at the Royal College of Physicians in London.

Action for M.E. tabled an analysis of the NHS Plus guideline, which set out the reasons why important changes are needed to this document.

Peter Spencer reports:

“We are pleased to say that our evidence had been carefully considered by Dr Madan and that NHS Plus has accepted some significant changes we proposed to the text of the three pamphlets which explain the guideline to employees, employers and healthcare professionals respectively.

“We were also very pleased to be given the opportunity to redraft some other areas where NHS Plus recognises the need for further improvement. In doing so, we will take full consideration of the comments made by other M.E. organisations. If all goes well, we understand that changes to the online versions of these three pamphlets could be issued before the end of this year.”